Affordable. Innovative. One of a kind. $499

Sondors eBike THIN Black with White Background


The original fat eBike and then some. $499+



The Sondors eBike that started it all. $499

Original Sondors eBike Yellow White Background

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Over sand, snow, mud, or asphalt, Sondors delivers the biggest bang for your eBike buck. It’s durable, affordable, and ready for your next adventure.

You’re in for some serious fun.

“You might just see a hell of a lot more ebikes on the road soon.”

Gear Patrol

“I’m happy (and relieved) to report that the Sondors eBike is absolutely worth the wait. Sorry, naysayers: This is the real deal, and a real steal, too.”

FORTUNE Magazine

“An eBike that costs less than an iPhone.”


“A new electric pedal bike has been unveiled this week in the form of the Sondors Electric Bike that has been created by Storm Sondors and is available to back with prices starting from just $499, for a limited time over on the Kickstarter website.”

Geeky Gadgets

“definitely in a league all its own”

Cool Things

“Electric bikes are excellent replacements for gas-guzzling urban vehicles. They’re also quite expensive. The Sondors Electric Bike is out to change all that.”


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