Aventon Aventure E-Bike Review

The Aventon Aventure, an e-bike designed to fuel your sense of adventure, has been generating quite a buzz in the e-biking community. Known for its rugged design and impressive specs, this full-sized fat tire e-bike is a game-changer. In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Aventon Aventure, examining its build quality, performance, and unique features. Additionally, we’ll explore its pros and cons, highlight its suitability for different riders, and share a range test that puts this e-bike to the ultimate challenge.

What is the Aventon Aventure?

The Aventon Aventure is Aventon’s most ambitious e-bike, marking a significant step in the company’s design evolution. Designed for recreational riders, this hardtail e-bike boasts a powerful 750-watt Bafang rear hub motor, capable of propelling it up to 28 miles per hour. Its eight-speed drivetrain and four-inch tires promise a smooth ride over various terrains. The Aventure is not just about adventure; it’s about the quality of the journey. Let’s delve deeper into the pros and cons of this e-bike.

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1. Quality Build

The Aventure impresses with its meticulously crafted design, boasting a beautiful frame, clean welds, and a modern geometry. The battery integration is seamless, and the components and contact points are carefully chosen. This attention to detail results in a bike that not only looks great but feels rugged and capable. Even the grips, pedals, and seat provide exceptional comfort, making it stand out right out of the box.

2. Great Performance

The Aventon Aventure offers an exhilarating ride, thanks to the robust 750-watt Bafang motor. The bike is quick, responsive, and effortlessly tackles inclines. With a top speed of 28 miles per hour, it fulfills the brand’s claims of being a high-performance e-bike. Its stability at speed and fast acceleration make it an excellent option for long commutes over pavement or open spaces.

3. Full-Color Display with App

The full-color display is a standout feature of the Aventure. It’s user-friendly and displays essential information clearly. What sets it apart is the associated app, which enhances functionality. You can track and plan your rides, interact with other users, and access all the information from the display on your device. It even allows you to control the bike’s settings and lights via the app.


1. Heavy Bike with Large Tires

The Aventon Aventure’s robust build comes with a downside – it’s heavy, weighing approximately 73 pounds with four-inch tires. While the weight adds to stability, it also limits mobility. Lifting the bike, especially solo, can be challenging, and maneuvering it up stairs is even tougher. Additionally, the weight and tire width might pose challenges when looking for compatible bike racks.

2. Clunky Suspension Fork

The suspension fork from Zoom doesn’t live up to expectations. It offers limited true suspension and tends to get stuck during travel. The clunky and unresponsive performance can be unsettling, making the riding experience less comfortable.

3. Limited Maneuverability in Tight Spaces

While the Aventure excels in various terrains, it struggles in tight spaces and on narrow single tracks. The large tires and overall weight hinder sharp turns and quick maneuvers. The bike is better suited for wider paths and double tracks, and it lacks the comfort and agility needed for rough and rooty terrain.

Who Should Buy the Aventon Aventure?

The Aventon Aventure is tailored for recreational riders who crave adventure across diverse terrains. It’s an ideal choice for those looking to explore both city streets and local trails. Commuters will appreciate its long-range capabilities, but note that the bike’s size and weight might be a concern in confined urban spaces. The Aventure’s sturdy frame and ample cargo-carrying options, including racks, make it a versatile choice for a wide range of riders.

Who Should Not Buy the Aventon Aventure?

If you prefer a bike with smaller tires and a lighter build, the Aventure may not meet your expectations. Dedicated mountain bikers might want to explore options with full suspension or more mountain bike-focused designs. Commuters seeking a more compact and nimble e-bike for tight urban spaces should look elsewhere. Keep in mind that this e-bike is designed for adventure, not for conquering technical single tracks.

Frame and Geometry

The Aventon Aventure’s frame is a standout feature. Its sleek design, clean welds, and modern geometry give it an appealing look. The integrated battery, removed from the side, is an innovative touch, making battery replacement effortless. The riding position is a blend of athleticism and comfort, making it suitable for various riding styles.

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Powering the Aventure is a 750-watt Bafang rear hub motor. Known for its reliability and efficiency, this motor offers a rated output of 750 watts and a max torque of 80 Newton meters. It excels in powering the bike and maintaining high speeds. The well-tuned controller allows riders to select their desired speed limit via the app, making it a versatile e-bike for various riding scenarios. The motor’s performance, especially on hills, is impressive, and it can comfortably handle steep slopes without a significant drop in speed.


The Aventure comes equipped with a 48-volt 15-amp-hour battery, which translates to 720-watt hours. This battery complements the 750-watt motor perfectly, offering a range that exceeds expectations. On a single charge, it can propel the bike at 28 miles per hour for over an hour or cover nearly 22 miles. Dropping the assist level to two extends the range to over 47 miles. These real-world test results outperform the brand’s claims, instilling confidence in the bike’s specifications.

Charger and Key

The battery removal system sets the Aventure apart from many e-bikes. Unlike traditional designs that remove the battery from the bottom of the down tube, the Aventure’s battery is removed from the side, making the process hassle-free. The charger is a 48-volt 3-amp unit, considered a fast charger in comparison to the more common 2-amp chargers. It can fully charge the battery in approximately 4 to 5 hours.


The Aventon Aventure features an eight-speed Shimano Acera Groupset, a step up from the typical seven-speed setups found on budget e-bikes. This drivetrain offers a broader gear range, enabling smoother shifting and better adaptability to varying terrains. The added gear is particularly useful for quickly regaining speed from a stop due to the bike’s weight. Shifting on this bike is crisp and reliable.


The Tektro HD E 350 dual-piston brakes provide reliable stopping power in various conditions. They offer a comfortable lever feel with good brake modulation, ensuring controlled stops. These hydraulic brakes are an ideal choice for an e-bike like the Aventure, delivering the necessary performance for its weight and capabilities.


The Aventure is equipped with 26-inch wheels and Kenda Krusader tires. These tires are versatile, offering good traction and stability on diverse terrains. The four-inch width allows riders to tackle gravel paths, sandy shores, and muddy trails with ease. However, it’s essential to note that these fat tires can create some drag on pavement and affect the bike’s agility.


The Aventure employs a Zoom suspension fork, featuring 100mm of travel. While the added suspension is a welcome feature, it’s worth noting that this fork tends to feel clunky and unresponsive. It struggles to absorb impacts smoothly, often getting stuck in the travel. More serious riders might find this suspension to be a limiting factor when pushing the bike to its limits.

Display and App

The Aventon Aventure’s full-color display is located front and center. It’s bright, easy to read in various lighting conditions, and displays essential information, including speed, assist level, trip distance, battery level, and more. The accompanying Aventon app elevates the experience, allowing riders to control the bike remotely. The app is user-friendly and enables ride tracking, sharing, and access to vital information on your smartphone.

Cargo and Accessories

Aventon offers various cargo and accessory options to enhance the Aventure’s functionality. These include rear racks, panniers, and front racks for increased carrying capacity. The versatile frame accommodates these add-ons without compromising stability.


The Aventon Aventure stands out as a versatile and adventurous e-bike. Its robust build, 750-watt motor, and ample battery capacity deliver impressive performance, whether you’re commuting or exploring trails. The app connectivity and full-color display provide added convenience, while the cargo options make it an excellent choice for those looking to haul items on their journey.

Despite its many advantages, the Aventure does have a few downsides, such as its weight and less-than-ideal suspension. However, it compensates for these shortcomings with its overall build quality and performance. Whether you’re a casual rider looking for weekend adventures or a daily commuter seeking reliability, the Aventon Aventure could be the e-bike you’ve been searching for.

In summary, the Aventon Aventure embodies the spirit of adventure, allowing riders to explore a wide range of terrains while enjoying a quality and comfortable ride. It’s an ideal companion for those who want to experience the world on two wheels, and it has the power and range to match your adventurous spirit.

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