Aventon Sinch 2 Folding eBike Review

Are you in the market for a compact and foldable electric bike that offers versatility, ease of transportation, and an enjoyable riding experience? The Aventon Sinch 2 might just be the solution you’re looking for.

In this detailed review, we will dive into the various features and specifications of this second iteration of the Aventon Sinch series. We’ll explore what sets this foldable e-bike apart from its predecessor and take it out for a test ride to provide you with a comprehensive overview.

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Detail Spec On The Bike

The Aventon Sinch 2 stands out with a range of features and components that make it a premium folding e-bike. Let’s break down these elements:

Control Panel and Pedal Assist Levels

The cockpit of the Sinch 2 includes a user-friendly control panel with options to switch between four different pedal assist levels. This feature allows you to tailor your riding experience to your preferences. Additionally, you’ll notice integrated turn signal buttons on the control panel, a noteworthy upgrade from the previous version, enhancing safety during rides.

Upgraded Computer Screen

Aventon has made significant improvements to the computer screen on this e-bike. The new computer screen is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. Unlike its predecessor, it no longer displays pedal assist level numbers; instead, it uses names like Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo mode, similar to higher-end e-bikes.

Shifting Mechanism

The Sinch 2 sports an Aventon-branded shifter instead of the Shimano shifter found in the previous version. The shifter, surprisingly, provides smooth and efficient gear changes. A standout feature is the thumb throttle located on the right side, offering excellent responsiveness and comfort for extended rides.

Braking System

The e-bike is equipped with Tektro mechanical disc brakes on both sides. While hydraulic disc brakes might be preferable, the use of Tektro branded brakes ensures reliable stopping power and maintains quality. This choice helps manage the overall cost of the bike.

Handlebars and Adjustability

The handlebars feature a significant rise, enhancing rider comfort. Moreover, they are adjustable, allowing you to customize their height quickly with a convenient quick-release mechanism.

Integrated 48V Battery

The 48-volt battery is integrated into the frame and color-matched for a sleek appearance. This 14-amp-hour battery provides a reasonable range, approximately 50 miles on pedal assist level one. Additionally, it can be removed with a set of keys for convenient charging in a controlled environment.

Impressive Tires and Front Fork

The Sinch 2 comes with 20-inch by four-inch wide Gum Wall tires, providing a comfortable and stable riding experience. The choice of a street tread for these tires is a notable improvement over cheaper off-road tire options. The front fork is Zoom branded but has been streamlined with Aventon logos for a cleaner aesthetic.

Rear Rack and Metal Fenders

An excellent addition to this iteration of the Sinch series is the inclusion of a robust rear rack and metal fenders. The rear rack is sturdy and well-designed, bearing the Aventon branding. Integrated tail lights serve both as brake lights and turn signals, enhancing safety for riders.

Drivetrain and Chainring

The e-bike uses an Aventon rear derailleur that shifts smoothly. While the drivetrain is Aventon-branded, the inclusion of a Shimano eight-speed cassette ensures compatibility and ease of replacement. The large chainring at the front comes with double guards on both sides to prevent the chain from slipping.

Folding Pedals and Stand

The Sinch 2 is designed to be compact and foldable. The folding pedals save space when folding the bike for storage or transportation. Additionally, a foldable stand ensures the frame does not rest on the ground when folded. However, care should be taken when off-roading to prevent the stand from getting caught on obstacles.

Powerful Motor

A notable feature of the Sinch 2 is its powerful 500-watt continuous power motor, capable of reaching 750 watts on steep inclines. This motor effortlessly tackles challenging hills, providing a smooth riding experience for users.

Compact and Manageable Weight

The bike is designed for portability and weighs approximately 68 pounds. While it may be manageable for some to lift, it’s advisable to have assistance, as the bike can be a bit awkward to handle. One notable improvement that could be considered for future versions is the addition of a locking mechanism when folding.

Folding The Bike

The Sinch 2 is designed with portability in mind. To fold the bike, follow these steps:

  1. Lower the handlebars fully.
  2. Collapse the pedals by pushing in and folding them.
  3. Release the middle of the bike using the provided button.
  4. Gently fold the bike, allowing it to rest on its back wheel.
  5. Put down the kickstand.
  6. Push the frame as close as possible to the other frame.
  7. Lock it in place.
  8. Raise the handlebars and secure them.
  9. Fold out the pedals.

When unfolding the bike, follow the same steps in reverse. It’s essential to ensure that the wires are properly placed within the frame to prevent pinching. Currently, the Sinch 2 does not have a locking mechanism for the folded position, which is a feature that could enhance user experience in the future.

Hill Test

To gauge the e-bike’s uphill performance, a challenging hill with a 19-degree gradient was selected. The Sinch 2 demonstrated remarkable capabilities, maintaining a steady climb up the steep incline. Despite the challenging terrain, the e-bike showed no signs of struggle, making it suitable for riders facing hilly environments. The torque sensor-based motor ensured that power output matched the rider’s input, making for an efficient and enjoyable ascent.

Downhill Test

Descending the hill, the Sinch 2 showcased its stability. The 20-inch wheels with four-inch-wide tires provided a solid foundation. Even at speeds reaching up to 42.3 miles per hour, the e-bike felt stable and well-balanced. The e-bike’s performance in the downhill test emphasizes its suitability for a wide range of riding conditions.

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App Integration

The Sinch 2 can be paired with the Aventon app, which offers riders a range of features, including tracking of ride data, such as distance, ride time, calorie estimation, and maximum and average speeds. Additionally, riders can control the bike’s headlight from the app. The app allows for customization of settings like screen brightness, auto power on/off, and maximum speed. It also provides the ability to increase the e-bike’s top speed, potentially elevating it to a class three e-bike with a maximum speed of 28 miles per hour.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, the Aventon Sinch 2 is an exceptional folding electric bike that excels in various aspects. With its comprehensive feature set and impressive performance, it is evident that Aventon has delivered a premium product. The folding mechanism allows for easy storage and transportation, making it a versatile choice for various riders.

Aventon’s commitment to service is noteworthy, with their products being available in thousands of stores across the United States, ensuring accessible support for customers. This, combined with the robust construction, comfortable riding experience, and advanced features, positions the Sinch 2 as a strong contender in the electric bike market.

Whether you seek a convenient mode of transportation for daily commuting or an enjoyable recreational e-bike, the Aventon Sinch 2 deserves consideration. Its exceptional hill-climbing abilities, stable downhill performance, and customizable settings through the app demonstrate its versatility.

To explore and purchase Aventon bikes, you can visit local stores or use the links provided below. Choosing an Aventon e-bike signifies a commitment to quality and innovation in the world of electric bicycles.

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